Prerequisite and System Requirements


You must have a running Java Virtual Machine to install and use Jahia.

Download and install a Java SE 8 or 11 Development Kit from Oracle website > go to the Oracle websiteOr you can use Open JDK 8 or 11 instead.

Installation on MS Windows
  • Download the above file at the root level of your computer, or decompress it at the root level (C:\)
  • Due to Windows limitations in path depth, Jahia can't be installed in the user home directory
  • Also there shouldn't be any spaces in your folder naming (example: C:\DigitalExperienceManager-7.3\is ok while C:\Digital Experience Manager 7.3\ won't work)

System requirements


OS Suggested Min. Configuration
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OSX


  • Dual Core
  • 4 GB RAM (2 GB RAM for Jahia)
  • 5 GB HD

 Production Environments

  • Quad Core
  • 8 GB RAM (4 GB RAM for Jahia)
  • 100 GB


Warning: 32 bits JVM are limited in max memory (1.5 GB under Windows - 2 or 3 GB under Linux/Solaris). Jahia tries to cache a maximum of data in order to boost performance. So we highly recommend 64 bits environments with enough memory available at least for all production environments.

Java Application Servers

Application Server Apache Tomcat 9.0
Database PostgreSQL 9.x
MySQL 5.6/5.7
MariaDB 10.x / Galera

More databases and application server deployment available with the Enterprise Jahia Subscription



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