Community Distribution Package

The Community distribution installers allow you to create non-mission-critical projects and get support from the community.

  • 100% free and open source distribution
  • GPLv3 license
  • Comes with the Community stack: Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Shares the exact same code base as the Enterprise Distribution
  • Users of the Community Distribution cannot access monthly hotfixes and are not supported by Jahia experts from Jahia Solutions Group or any of its partners

Quick launch of the Mac and Linux Package

Once the download is completed, launch the jar package from the repository where you downloaded the package and type the following command in a terminal window:

java -jar DigitalExperienceManager-CommunityDistribution-

and then follow the process through the different steps of the installation tool.

Quick launch of the Windows Package

Once the download is finished:
Double click on DigitalExperienceManager-CommunityDistribution-
then follow the steps of the installation wizard. You must click on Next for each page, agree to the License Agreement and define a root password when asked.

For a thorough installation guide, please read the installation instructions.


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