Supercharging Commerce

A simplified add-on that makes Commerce experiences so much better


You thought you had it all – a commerce backend, front-end, a great catalogue.  But still, your commerce site is, shall we say, a little off.  It’s ok, but numbers are not what you’d expected. You’re not getting the adds-to-cart you were planning. Buyers are dropping off at several steps in the process, at, well, disappointing rates. 

What happened?  Could be that your ecommerce platform needs a boost of flexible content, personalization and product alignment. A richer experience with content that informs, engages and convinces. A smoother process all along the journey, end-to-end.   Help is here, and it won’t break the commerce bank.

The stack

Commerce IO from Jahia connects with modern and legacy e-commerce solutions (and instantly with SAP Cloud) to deliver a seamless customer interface backed by flexible & simpler-to-use software. By fitting on top of your commerce platform’s front-end and super-charging it with content from anywhere, Commerce IO ensures that you can deliver personalized experiences at every step of the customer journey. 

Commerce IO empowers marketers to manage all aspects of personalization without requiring IT resources. That means total autonomy, ensuring your marketers are able to quickly and effortlessly make the changes they need when they need. Commerce IO easily slots into any organization’s current technology stack to improve e-commerce experiences and get the results you’d planned.

  • Create new webpages and landing pages in a few clicks
  • Mix any kind of contents and products
  • Create new  sites  easily (Branding/New product)
  • Edit any product list, product category, product detail page using a WYSIWYG Edit mode
  • Add product references to any text or content
  • Use our superpowered catalog search: fast and faceted
  • Redesign all the flow around your checkout tunnel, so your business can interact with the user until the last step.


Commerce IO takes your current e-commerce solution and splits it into two components: the customer-facing front-end and the transactional back-end. For the front-end, Commerce IO implements experiential functionality, such as content control, customization, and personalization. In the back-end, Commerce IO embeds the transactions and secures them, ensuring integrity, before combining it with the front-end. The end result is a fully integrated experience across all digital channels.

Commerce IO goes live quickly without losing any flexibility in the process. So whether you can take your e-commerce to experience commerce right away or you need time to ramp up, Commerce IO grows along with you.


  • Better Customer Experience
  • More time on site and bigger carts
  • More informed customers buy more
  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Less time to manage