Open Source Business Model

Introduction to our Open Source Business Model

Jahia offers a dual licensing model:

  • Our Community Distribution is provided under a GPL v.3 license to foster community-back contribution.
  • Our Enterprise Distributions share the same software and are provided through our Annual Subscription with no license costs under the Jahia Sustainable Enterprise License (JSEL), a non-viral license for business use that also fosters community-back contribution by allowing our customers to contribute to our software and influence our roadmap.

The JSEL license is based on our open source contribution paradigm where interests of all software stakeholders - community, clients, services companies, and, finally, original authors of the software (that's us, the Jahia team!) - converge. 

Our Enterprise Distributions are stable because our software is stable - and our Enterprise Distributions are based on our software.

Based on the same core, these Enterprise Distributions provide extensions and tools to industrialize enterprise digital and mission-critical initiatives.

With our Annual Subscription - which provides efficient production and deployment tools, support and services with a sustainable dual licensing and related pricing model - Jahia's sustainable open source business model offers the best alternative to business users for their mission-critical digital platform, project after project.

At zero license cost.


Community Distribution
  • Open source Community Distribution
  • Jahia core and development tools are the same for all our users, community and business users.
  • Same great features, same stability and release cycle.
  • Great community sharing & support (but no SLA)
  • GPL to foster community-back contribution


Enterprise Distributions

Available through our Annual Subscriptions for all your mission critical projects :

  • Efficient software solutions packages, extensions and tools to secure and accelerate enterprise deployment of Digital Transformation projects
  • Customers centric hotfixes release
  • Enterprise support and services
  • With a sustainable dual licensing and related pricing model (JSEL) to foster community back contribution
  • No license cost


A True Customer Driven Roadmap

When a customer decides to financially contribute to a new feature, guaranteed and validated by Jahia’s R & D and Q&A teams, they will not pay anything beyond their subscription to have:

  • “their” new feature also covered.
  • the benefits of future maintenance and enhancements of their new feature delivered by Jahia and / or other community members.

Do not become the software vendor of your own solution


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