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Customer-Centric Focus Drives Transformation

Transform your digital enterprise from the outside in, with your customer as the true focal point of all systems, using Jahia products and solutions.




Digital Marketing

Solution for the CMO and Marketing

Designing, developing and then delivering personalized digital experiences is THE differentiator in today’s digital economy. Jahia’s technology helps our customers put their customers back in the center of their business. Marketers can build and deploy websites, portals, intranets, marketing campaigns and promotions, digital assets and applications – in multiple languages – through plug-and-play components to build 1:1 relationships.

Transforming digital enterprise from the outside in, your organization can unify the customer journey and empower all your users, including non-technical staff, to work effectively. Our recommended package of products is designed to empower Marketers with the tools needed to create and personalize every digital touchpoint - based on real-time data - for each customer to improve their experience and optimize your results. 

Digital IT

Solution for the CIO and IT

Digital marketing must consider a wide number of applications and functions - ranging from legacy to customer relationship management (CRM), business apps to marketing automation, search engine marketing to full-fledged websites, geolocational promotions, commerce and more -  as well as manage workflows, generate content and monitor campaigns. Meeting customers in their moment of brand connection happens in “multiples” - formats, languages and channels.

As a result, a unified approach to the customer journey is required. Jahia delivers your digital hub for customer context and unique, 1:1 brand experiences that integrates all enterprise data sources to speed digital transformation and gain agility in responding to new and ever-changing market demands. 





Experience Cloud or On-Premise Deployment

Your Choice

Jahia Experience Cloud provides you with one platform as a service (PaaS), including on-demand environments for building, testing and hosting new digital experiences and a private AppStore to simplify application deployment and speed innovation to  gain faster time-to-market. With innovative subscription pricing that scales with your need,  your investment for deployment is the same for either choice - on-premise or the Experience Cloud.  Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), Experience Cloud is your secure, trusted, on-demand solution for new global initiatives with 24 x 7 support and world-class customer service.

Jahia On-Premise affords you the opportunity manage and maintain your project deployments on your local servers and equipment. If you have already made that investment, you may elect this option (and, possibly, consider moving to the Experience Cloud over time). 


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