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Digital Experience management (DXM)


Digital enterprises today need to be agile, adaptable, proactive and customer-centric for marketplace visibility and opportunities. They need to be able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and technology disruptors.  Ideally, enterprises need to orchestrate all functions and applications, including multiple customer touchpoints, to deliver a quality digital experience to users on every level.


Customer Relationships

Personalized engagement throughout the buying lifecycle sets the conditions that ensure long-term customer relationships through retention and loyalty.

Employee Engagement

Your #1 asset is your employee workforce because they will drive innovation, service and bottom-line performance; their engagement is your success.

Marketing Effectiveness

Data-driven tactical engagement, via easy-to-use interfaces, creates maximum return on strategic marketing investments with higher conversion rates from visit to sale.

Proactive Experiences

Design the right digital experience for your customers - one that meets a need before it is known, converts well AND becomes sharable to influence the next (next) buyer.


Digital Experience Management

Digital Experience Management (DXM), the successor of Web Experience Management (WEM), is the enabler for a digital platform - the foundation for digital transformation that helps transform the customer-centric enterprise from the outside in.  

The digital experience is created, deployed and managed via a User Experience Platform (UXP). There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ UXP; rather, a UXP is tailored to your organization based on the digital experience that needs to be delivered for your brand. This platform effectively bridges the relative concerns of CIO’s and CMO’s in fulfilling the CEO mandate to follow through on operational enterprise-wide digital transformation.  


Market Conditions

Internal and External

Given that market conditions are dynamic, a UXP offers the easy agility needed to respond quickly for personalized customer conversations from the point of view of both marketers and developers.

Throughout creating and deploying the digital experience, as systems and architecture is secure and marketers can have autonomy in creating relevant content, the partnership between CMO’s and CIO’s is strengthened. No more silos, or 'tunnel effect' (as marketers wait for IT to create projects); instead, the focus becomes united in driving digital innovation and delivering quality user experiences.



To Customers And In-House Users

The benefit for the customer is clear - to ultimately support the unified customer journey through brand exposure and converting moments of real-time customer interest into transaction for long-term relationship.

The benefit for the employee is a new way of connecting to work in a more open, global, cooperative, socially engaging and, ultimately, more productive way.

Digital Experience Management (DXM) is what both creates and is produced by a User Experience Platform, which unifies technology components. These components include content and digital asset management, ecommerce, portals, marketing automation, app store and customer intelligence, among others.

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