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Why Jahia?

Jahia is the only software that helps brands to create / manage / contextualize what employees and customers actually see at all enterprise digital touch points.


Digital IS the economy.

Digital is not just a business sector anymore; instead, it is THE economy.

Consequently, enterprise is affected at every level. Digital transformation is no longer optional in a highly competitive market.

To manage the customer journey at all digital touchpoints, digital transformation is a vital necessity.

Today’s digital customer begins their journey with a brand as an anonymous user. Eventually, they become a customer and part of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

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All elements of the digital customer journey must be united.

Throughout the buying journey, the digital customer passes through many sub-systems of the company, including: CRM, web experience management (WEM), Portal, Digital Asset Management (DAM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), eCommerce, etc. Often these systems are the result of ‘tech sprawl’ to solve in-the-moment needs with varying degrees of integration success.

The integration of data and application is meaningless if it cannot be leveraged by marketers with maximum agility to let their customers see what they want, when they want, in context of their life events and via their preferred devices.

The greater challenge lies in the relationship between the CMO and CIO. Historically, these roles have seen each other as a bottleneck or, worse, cause of failure.

For success in digital enterprise today, the CMO and CIO must seamlessly and continuously work together and share the responsibilities of a CXO (Chief Experience Officer) role. This is THE challenge that faces all enterprises engaged in Digital Transformation.

Having a comprehensive user experience platform that unites all the elements of the customer journey with ease helps resolve these challenges.

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Take control of your digital customer journey with agility. Now.

Jahia is the only software that helps marketers to control / manage what a customer actually sees at all enterprise digital touch points.

For true transformation, your organization must have the capacity to manage the entire experiential ecosystem for both external and internal customers to meet today’s business needs.

Since day one, Jahia foresaw the need for convergence of digital capability and built the platform from the ground up (vs. bolting on other systems). As a result, the Jahia platform delivers proven, scalable capability for a unified customer journey.

Take control of your digital customer journey with agility. Now.

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