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What We Do


Jahia is delivering the most advanced open source digital experience platform. Jahia provides the only software that helps brands to create / manage / contextualize what employees and customers actually see at all enterprise digital touch points. It combines web content management, document management and portal integration capabilities to all types of third parties applications against the well-established (but obsolete) market division but with a true unified interface geared toward business users.
This allows enterprises to truly control their digital experience management both in-house and for end-user customers. This allows enterprises to take control of their digital customer journey from client acquisition and engagement to post-login experiences.
A 1:1 relationship that respects all actors of the current major digital transfromation, from employees to customers, with a standard and open source based data privacy core.

Elie Auvray Chief Executive Officer

Digital Innovation

Jahia breaks down organizational and systems silos for a single, unified view of who each customer is and  what they need. Jahia powers innovation in customer experience with a consistent, relevant, personalized experience for each customer across all employee interactions and digital touchpoints.


Digital Trust

Jahia puts consumer data privacy and protection in the center of the brand relationship so that each customer has control of their digital life. Jahia establishes trust between enterprises and their customers to power long-term brand loyalty, advocacy and lifetime value.

Digital Workforce

Jahia aggregates enterprise applications, data and content for a single, unified platform to power employee experience, enterprise-wide collaboration and new digital initiatives. Jahia transforms your workforce to make each employee a change agent and ambassador of the brand. 


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