Tremendous Success for JahiaOne 2014

Tremendous Success for JahiaOne 2014,
Jahia’s 1st International User Conference

Over 150 people came from over 10 countries to discover
the upcoming version 7 of Jahia and its new Digital Industrialization vision

Washington DC - Geneva, Switzerland - Paris, France, February 20th, 2014 - Jahia, the Open Source vendor of new generation Java CMS solutions, is happy to announce that JahiaOne, its first international user conference has been a tremendous success. As pre-announced, Jahia 7 and the Digital Industrialization vision it conveys were presented and demoed during this two-day conference.

The Developer Contest winners were unveiled and provided Jahia with extremely powerful and useful modules.

An impressive attendance

Speakers from Jahia’s international customers, partners and community members from over 10 countries gathered for two days in Paris. Over 150 people come to exchange about Jahia. (see attendees’ quote below)
All videos and slides from the event

Major announcements

  • Version 7 of Jahia enabling the Digital Industrialization paradigm that brings two game-changing capabilities to end the tunnel effect era in mission critical digital projects delivery : the ability to develop collaboratively with Marketing teams AND deploy modules and apps securely thanks to Private App Forges.
    Release date: 1st week of April 2014
    More about Jahia7 - (Overview Presentation Slides)
  • Product renaming:
    • Jahia xCM, the CMS solution becomes Digital Experience Manager
    • Jahia Wise, the social and collaborative document sharing solution become Workspace Factory
  • New product Line up: based on the new underlying platform version 7, Jahia will offer, from April 2014 a series of new solutions to meet todays organizations’ digital need. Full disclosure of the new product line up on Slideshare: here and here
    • Digital Experience Manager, the open source Content platform that combines WCM, DMS & Portal with a unified business friendly interface
    • Workspace Factory, the ideal social and collaborative document sharing solution for marketing and business teams
    • Studio, Jahia’s, exclusive user experience builder that allows the end of the tunnel effect era for business and tech people: working in short iterative cycles allow them to make sure developers delivers the solution expected by business users.
    • Private Apps Store, or how to re-use safe and approved versions of apps and modules throughout an entire organization, and avoid duplicate developments that meet similar needs.
    • Portal Factory: leveraging some of the most powerful capabilities from Digital Experience Manager, Portal Factory is a new, personalized and user centric portal factory combined with a new powerful data aggregation technology: the external data provider
    • eCommerce Factory: Based on the powerful digital content and portal management features of Jahia’s Digital Experience Manager & Portal Factory, eCommerce factory interoperates with a new open source eCommerce framework: MogoBiz from our strategic partner Ebiznext

Developer Contest winners

Many high quality modules were developed for this contest, ranging from security modules to full-fledged applications - which made selecting the very best a difficult call for the development team.

  • N°1 - The two-factor authentication by Kevin Raynel (Capgimini) - ready for download here
  • N°2 - The Booking module : A Jahia module that allows you to manage resources booking, by Loic Gangloff (Atos) - Ready for download here
  • N°3 - The global search and replace module : The global replace module find and replace occurrences of a string in content starting from a node in the JCR. After finding content, user can decide to perform replacement on one or several contents, by Christophe Huault (Socomec) - ready for download here.
  • N°4 - The classified ads module by Sebastien Lagoinha (CGI) - ready for download here.

Some attendees’ quotes

Taylor Pratt, Manager of the Product SEM team at HomeAway
“JahiaOne was a fantastic event. Not only were we given insight into Jahia’s roadmap, but the customer testimonials were incredibly inspiring. It was great to see so many potential uses for Jahia. I can’t wait to put them to use.”

Marc Germain, IT system Advisor at Université Laval
“JahiaOne has been a great opportunity to connect with around-the-world web project managers, edimasters, users and developers. There's an impressive and continuously growing community interested by that kind of international event. We're always looking to share experiences and looking forward to seeing what's hot in the WCMs world.”

Christophe Huault, Technical Website Manager at Socomec
“This event confirmed that Jahia stepped into the age of best IT practices. They've implemented customer oriented development, and displayed the outstanding skills of their development team and quality assurance team. If they just stay their course, Jahia will soon rule the world of professional java xCMS. I am also looking forward to see the new eCommerce application.”