WEB - Record time for creating a Jahia web site In french


In addition to his research in astrophysics, Markus Rexroth, a physics doctorate student, just beat the record time for building a Jahia web site at the EPFL.

Precisely 61 minutes: this is the record time to beat for the euclid.epfl.ch webmaster. Markus Rexroth, a doctorate student in the astrophysics labs, barely needed more than an hour to create the site from scratch. Indeed, the template he needed to input content for the website was provided to him at precisely 17:09, and 61 minutes later, at 18:10, he asked for the site to be published. This is a true accomplishment when, on average, a site may take weeks to be completed.

The euclid.epfl.ch describes the mission of the Euclid space telescope, a research project design to enrich our comprehension of the expanse of the universe and an effort to map it.

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