Offer Your Customers Fully Developed Brand Experiences #DXS15


 It’s time to disrupt the disrupters. It’s time to take customers seriously. It’s time to offer customers a real, fully developed brand experience.

During a keynote address yesterday at CMSWire's DX Summit here, Jahia CMO Kevin Cochrane told an audience of digital leaders to capitalize on technology to build fuller, more robust relationships with their customers.

The Digital Challenge

Cochrane cautioned that most businesses are still in the early stages of digital transformation — and have long ways to go before they can be considered truly digital.

“I would argue that no one has a real brand experience today that is connected with the digital consumer. It’s time to take that next step and make sure that as we use [available consumer] data, we put people back into the heart of what we do each and every day,” he said.

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