In-depth: Christopher Justice at Jahia

Christopher Justice is Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Jahia. With more than 20 years in developing solutions in content management, integration and virtual commerce, he's mastered building better businesses through wisdom, a sense of humour and living on the leading edge. Christopher will be among the speakers at the Figaro Digital Marketing Conference on 26 November 2015. We caught up with him to hear about managing privacy, ethics, CX data and why digital is the great leveller in business

What will you be discussing at the Figaro Digital Marketing Conference?

One of the initiatives that Jahia has been spearheading is about ethical web experience management. Our position is that it is up to us - the online marketers - to be transparent in our collection practices, to follow standards-based guidelines as we collect data and, in fact, ensure the customer has control over which of their data is being collected and to know how it is being used. 

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