Consumer privacy rights herald ‘third wave’ of web content management


Kevin Cochrane was on the line from Paris. The chief marketing officer at Jahia Solutions, a Web content management software provider, Cochrane had a vendor pitch to make — but not before prosecuting a case for consumer privacy rights.

Cochrane, who’s been a CMO at Agari and at Open Text, and before that, the vice president of digital marketing at Adobe, believes a new age of Web content management is upon us — a “third wave” as he puts it.

Today, companies can no longer simply point customers the way to their online brands and goods, as they did in the first wave of Web content management. Nor is it enough to offer targeted, pertinent, personalized goods and services to customers, as businesses learned to do in the second wave. In 2016, it’s incumbent upon companies to take hold of the entire customer experience.

“That means taking responsibility for every customer interaction, online and off, whether directly through an employee or indirectly through a web site, to ultimately determine the lifetime value and happiness of the customer,” Cochrane said.

Managing the customer digital experience includes protecting consumer data and ultimately, in his view, enabling consumer privacy rights. “This is about making certain that we’re transparent about the consumer data we have, why it is delivering value to the consumer and putting consumers in charge of their digital lives,” he said.

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