Leading technology firms collaborate to deliver Web Content Management Solutions to renowned Vicor Corporation

Leader in power conversion components and systems now powers its corporate websites with Jahia WCM

Vicor Corporation (NASDAQ: VICR), headquartered in Andover, MA, designs, manufactures, and markets modular power components and complete power systems used in the communications, data processing, industrial controls, test equipment, medical, and defense electronic markets.

In 2009, Vicor concluded that while Vicor chips power many top supercomputers, the company’s web site was slow and outdated. The legacy site had no Content Management System (CMS), making even the simplest changes and updates difficult. Still more critical was an awkward interface that did not permit Vicor to present the company’s full range of options for prototyping and manufacturing its built-to-order power supplies. After reviewing proposals from several vendors, Vicor engaged Quoin Inc., a leading technology-consulting firm specializing in J2EE installations, to institute a comprehensive Jahia Web Content Management System. Through its Jahia partnership, Quoin provided application development, support and training for the project.

Quoin and Jahia worked out a multi-stage conversion and implementation plan involving needs analysis, workflow, site design, and Jahia implementation. Vicor provided the site design, while Quoin guided the overall site/system implementation, including the development of custom Jahia templates to meet Vicor’s specific needs.
The initial integration of Jahia with Vicor in the fall of 2009 went extremely smoothly, and enabled Vicor to employ Jahia WCM to manage its online presence. The new Vicor corporate websites are all powered by Jahia Enterprise Edition (EE). Through three Jahia instances, Jahia delivers a full-fledged product catalog and integrates with Vicor's existing third-party applications.

Jahia enabled Vicor with the ability to manage and bring immediate value to any type of content (including legacy content). Equally, Vicor became equipped to integrate with existing business applications through an intuitive and powerful browser interface. Moreover, Jahia delivered cutting edge and standard compliant features at a fraction of the price of proprietary alternatives. The team is now engaged in implementing advanced Jahia WCM features, including integration with other systems such as ecommerce and multiple, international sites management.

"Transition from our old web presence to the new corporate website went very smoothly," said Doug Cummings, Vicor’s IT Director. "Our collaboration with Quoin and Jahia was extremely fast and professional. We now can easily keep up with the continuous updates to our product line. Above all, customers now have clean, clear access to our extensive line of products and solutions, including a “Custom Solutions” module where they can start their own designs.”
“Jahia is a great product partner,” said Brad Kain, Cofounder of Quoin. “Their services provide the flexibility we need to meet the constant demand for dynamic information, through simplified information exchange and collaboration on the Internet. Their support, as well as their product’s ease of use, helps us to deliver effective solutions to our clients.”