Jahia launches its First Open Source Java Developer Contest, focusing on modules

From October 8th to January 23rd, developers are invited to submit their modules to Jahia’s brand new forge

Winners will be announced on February 6th

Washington DC - Geneva Switzerland - October 9 2013 - Jahia,  the Open Source vendor of new generation Java CMS solutions, today announces its first developer contest, for the creation of new modules for Jahia xCM. Modules can cover any type of topics and submitted modules will be judged by the Jahia Team. Modules can be of any size and complexity, can focus on pure front-end features as well as deep back-end extensions. The team will assess submissions both on innovation and quality, but also originality and interest for the whole Jahia Community.

The winners will be announced during a dedicated ceremony held in Paris in February 6th, 2014.

“This contest is a great opportunity for the vibrant Java developer ecosystem to discover the highly praised Jahia platform and for our community to get greater exposure of their achievements.” says Elie Auvray, CEO Jahia Solutions Group SA.

A redesigned forge to ease the submission process

In order to submit their modules, the developers just need to upload them on the Jahia Forge. The entire Jahia community, including the Jahia Core team, is available to help contestants through the Jahia forum.

The forge has been redesigned to meet the current expectations of developers: seamless module submission for a wider visibility. The forge is now open to the entire community and anyone with a community account can upload its modules for anyone to test and use.

For each uploaded module, developers can add a description, the version of Jahia with which it works, screenshots, videos, release notes; etc. The forge also provide the developer with the ability to precisely indicate how complete is the module at the time of upload.

The Jahia Team will then test and review each module.

Who can participate

Anyone from the Jahia Community, that is to say anyone with an account, with the exception of the Jahia development Team.


  • 1st prize is a Mac Book Pro Retina 15" (or PC equivalent)
  • 2nd prize is an iPad Retina
  • 3rd prize is a Google Nexus 5
  • 4th prize a $200 voucher on Amazon


The Contest starts on October 8th. Submissions will be accepted until January 23th. Winners will be announced during a ceremony held in Paris on February 6th.More information about the 1st Jahia Module developer contest is available here