Jahia DX 7.3 is here! A new interface, Headless capabilities, advanced localization features, and more.

Jahia’s Digital Experience Manager is officially updating to version! With this update comes a new and simplified version of its Anthracite interface, which should provide users a better overall experience working on the platform. The release will also feature a slew of other new features:


New Headless Capabilities

The Jahia Content & Media Manager, located inside Jahia DX, is a full-blown Headless CMS! That means, with it, organizations can deliver personalized content to any channel and for any experience. From progressive web applications to campaign sites and native apps, the  Content & Media Manager uses its GraphQL API to deliver enterprise-class content creation, localization, aggregation, and media management natively.
Further, the
Content & Media Manager is integrated natively with Jahia’s Marketing Factory, enabling personalization and testing even while Headless! Harnessing the power our built-in customer data platform, users can access single views of each customer and apply that data into individual, personalized experiences.

Experience Advanced Localization with Local Site Manager
Jahia’s Local Site Manager (LSM) enables you to reuse pages and content from one site to another. For global companies with a multitude of region-specific websites, this will allow their teams to leverage global content while still keeping the flexibility a local marketing team requires for localization. Teams are able to reuse either a whole website, a few pages, or just some specific content items in one or several languages. This allows global teams to maintain consistent brand messaging.

Go from e-commerce to “experienced commerce” with Commerce IO
Commerce IO is a new Jahia connector that helps e-commerce companies bridge the gap between a personalized digital experience and e-commerce excellence. Integrating with legacy platforms and market-leading e-commerce systems such as Hybris, Commerce IO’s seamless customer interface helps empower marketers to deliver the personalized, end-to-end customer experiences they need without further burdening their  IT department.

Super-powered by  Elasticsearch
Elasticsearch is now available as a fully-integrated module for all Jahia products, enabling federated and faceted search for all  website visitors.