Jahia bridges digital marketing solution with Salesforce Sales Cloud for reinforced lead’s data and context accuracy

Jahia announces the release of a bi-directional connector to Salesforce, allowing lead update/creation in the CRM solution and visitor’s profile enrichment in its Marketing Factory solution

Paris, Geneva, Washington DC - October 17, 2017 Jahia Solutions Group (www.jahia.com), vendor of the most advanced open source Digital Experience Platform today announced the release of a bi-directional Salesforce connector.

This new connector allows to create / update a lead in Salesforce or update the Marketing Factory profile of a contact or lead from Salesforce. A 10-minute demo video showcases this new addition to Marketing Factory.

Our customers value a lot the knowledge and the experience optimization that Marketing Factory provides them with. It felt essential to bridge our digital marketing solution to the most popular CRM solution in the world to further enrich the accuracy of context and data attached to a given lead

Elie Auvray, CEO Jahia Solutions Group

Originally released in Novembre 2015, Marketing Factory benefits from an intense roadmap (3 to 4 releases a year) that regularly expands the digital solution capabilities in order to bring more flexibility and finesse to marketing teams.

Open sourced code

The code of the Salesforce connector has been contributed to the Apache Foundation via the Apache Unomi Project. Apache Unomi is the open source customer data platform that manages Jahia Marketing Factory  customers, leads and visitors’ data, and that helps personalize customers’ experiences, whether the visitor is known or anonymous.

Subscription for mission-critical projects

As with all other Jahia products, connectors and solutions, the vendor provides an annual subscription for this connector that work as an insurance. More information here.