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Jahia Digital Experience Platform (DX) is the platform of choice of the most renowned FSI organizations in the world, because  it allows them to face the growing challenges of the Digital disruption and to meet their customers expectations.

Digital is disrupting Finance Services & Insurance's long-standing business model and new Fintech and Insurtech players appear daily, further accelerating your market (r)evolution. You need to react and lead your digital transformation rather than undergo it.

To take the lead of this transformation, you need a robust and secured platform that will enable both your marketing and IT teams to work together in order to:

  • Leverage and integrate your existing / legacy business applications into the new digital solution
  • Gain in digital agility by allowing your marketing team to create, launch and monitor their campaigns (promotions, new products and services etc.) and provide personalized contents, in full autonomy
  • Go mobile seamlessly

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