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Why Work for Jahia

Jahia is at the forefront of the digital transformation for enterprises. We hire the best because that is who our customers need to ensure their success. Is that you?


The Leading Edge

What you need to know

Being on the leading-edge of an industry means we need to work with the best and brightest. If you’re reading this, that could mean you!

The number one thing you need to know about working in Jahia’s culture is this:

Say what you will do – then do what you say.

We do not have fluff, hype or ego in our ranks; if anything, it feels more like a family except that we actually like each other and have great conversations about things large and small.

Our singular focus is on taking care of our customers and getting things done so we can move on to the next project that will benefit our customers. (We are fortunate to have amazing customers in 20 countries around the world!)


Global Connections

Geography is not a factor

With our headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and offices throughout Europe and North America, we are a diverse group. Being multi-lingual is a bonus but, in any case, we all speak digital to some extent. (We have to because so many of us work remotely around the world!)

We use collaborative technologies, mobile connections on the go and ‘social business’ practices for maximum efficiency. You need to be a self-starter, regardless of your position, and be prepared to contribute to potential, new and on-going projects with your expertise and point of view.

Keep the customer first, respect your colleagues, share what you know and move quickly to create great outcomes and you will find yourself at home with Jahia.

Dynamic Growth

Ever-evolving to get ahead of our customers’ needs

Being a leading open source provider in digital experience management means that we are setting the pace and the tone for our industry. It is a powerhouse growth trajectory. We trend-spot continuously to look for what our customers are going to need before they know they will need it. As agile as we are in the industry, we do consider carefully how to integrate those insights (because there are times when we need to see concepts proven first). The takeaway is that we work at the speed of digital enterprise; you need to be comfortable keeping an assertive pace while handling basic responsibilities in an evolving landscape.

We do not waste time, energy or resources. Instead, we make the most of every asset and that will apply to your experience and expertise as well. Your contribution to Jahia’s development is essential (or we would not need to bring you in, right?).



The Opportunity

You can make a bigger difference

As a well-established company, we have the benefit of a strong foundation with visionary leadership and intelligent professionals already in-house. Jahia has a bright future that is ripe to make the most of your potential. (To be transparent, there may be times where you are stretched beyond what you thought was your capability. In those moments, you will be supported in your personal dynamic growth process.)

Altogether, if you are ready to make the most of your experience, training and potential, and if what you see above scintillates your senses, and you want to make a bigger difference to experience personal satisfaction, then we encourage to consider our currently open positions.


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