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Build sustainable skills and expertise in-house. Explore the wide range of possibilities offered by the Jahia Platform. Get trained by our Experts.

Training for Jahia Functional Administrators

Duration 2 days
Prerequisite None
Students level Jahia general knowledge. 
Mode On-site / in-house

This training is designed for future advanced functional users of the Jahia system, who need to configure and administrate Jahia on a daily basis. This training remains functional and covers some advanced aspects such as site settings, server settings, roles management, and virtual sites management.

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Official Jahia Developer Certification Program

Duration 5 days
Prerequisite None
Students level General knowledge of the Jahia platform
Mode On-site / in-house

The “Official Jahia Developer Certification Program” is designed for system integrators and developers who will build web sites based on Jahia technologies. It covers all functional and technical aspects of the product, necessary to understand the foundations, content type definitions and declarations. 

The training covers integration best practices and is ideal for template integrators and web application developers of the Jahia Web Content Management and Portal features. This training also suits the need of technical project managers who need to grasp the Jahia integrating principles before writing technical specifications for their project.

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