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Jahia North America   Washington DC and Chicago   +1 (202) 656-7874
Jahia France   Paris   +33 (01) 53 34 69 68
Jahia Switzerland   Geneva   +41 22 361 34 24

Built on top of Jahia Core Content Platform, it's feature scope has been designed to simplify everyday's life of team willing to share documents and files efficiently without the burden of learning a complex ECM solution and without the risk of using third-party online hosted sharing platforms. With Workspace Factory, you keep the control of your platform, it can use your own LDAP or Windows Directory and enjoy the benefits of all standard Digital Factory services (indexation, search, metadatas, taxonomies, facets...) in a beautiful and simple GUI.

Enjoy simple and efficient enterprise document sharing

Create as many collaborative Spaces as you need and start working with your teammates on your projects. Set up permissions for users or groups for enhanced security and start sharing. Drag & drop your documents to upload them. Workspace Factory will manage versions for you and auto-tag your files. Mass-import and index large quantities of files at once, up to several millions. Use lock-in/lock-out to edit your files while others are reading. Access all relevant information from your spaces and files through your personal dashboard.



Unleash the social brain power of your teams

Work together on living documents : start or upload a document draft directly in Jahia Workspace Factory. Your authorized teammates can now comment, edit or add content to your draft. Assign document-related tasks, such as asking a coworker to produce a localized version. A customizable validation and publishing workflow can also be set up if needed.
Identify subject-field experts within your company using Workspace Factory shared collections and skills.
Workspace Factory also includes the full set of cutting-edge, acclaimed enterprise collaborative tools : tasks, discussions, polls, wiki, blogs, notifications, live feeds etc. 



Upload content easily by e-mail

A novel use for your everyday email client. Imagine you’re browsing the web and stumble upon an interesting piece of information which you want to share. Just email it to the Workspace Factory Space of your choice using your regular desktop or mobile e-mail client; it will be added to the Space’s documents and available for you and your teams to collaborate on.
Any content can be emailed to Workspace Factory : web pages, documents, media, rich text, etc. A smart way to capitalize on content-clipping or existing email discussions among coworkers.



Be Wise on the go

Access Workspace Factory from anywhere and any mobile device. Because Workspace Factory has been built on top of the acclaimed Jahia Content Platform, it has inherited all its advanced mobile rendering capabilities. You can therefore benefit from all its powerful features and keep working and sharing on the go!


Integrate content seamlessly throughout your web sites

Avoid the scourge of developing and maintaining uncontrolled content silos. When it comes to enterprise collaboration and document exchange, many solutions on the market are cumbersome, complex and costly - especially in terms of integration. Jahia Workspace Factory secure workflow process and digital asset management tools allow you to re-use or share approved online content once and for all on your intranet or your other Jahia web sites.