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Jahia Customer Extranet

The Jahia Extranet content is only available to Jahia customers. If you don't have access to the Extranet, and your company is already a customer, you can get access by submitting an Extranet account request at

Login to the Customers Extranet

In this section you will find all relevant information you may look for as a Customer.

For each version of Jahia, you will be able to find:

  • the latest stable packages
  • the hotfixes
  • the documentation

Jahia versions Life Cycle (as of April 2014)


Definition of Maintenance: Official software update released by Jahia Solution Group (JSG) for a specific version of the software     

Definition of Support: Technical solutions, developments and/or best practices provided -remotely or on site- by JSG in response to the Client’s occasional requests and concerning a problem that is not considered to be a Software Bug by JSG.