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May22 2013

[Webinar] Jahia Wise brings document sharing to the next level!


Jahia Wise is now available for test to anyone, but you may like to discover it during this 45-minute webinar presented by our experts.

Jahia Wise is our new solution that streamlines Document Sharing and Social Collaboration. A ready to deploy, all-in-one enterprise solution that offers all the most popular features when talking about social and collaborative document sharing for a fraction of the cost charged by proprietary vendors, with no need for costly integration and maintenance. 

The next level of document sharing
Jahia Wise stems from a widely shared customers’ need: a smart, slick and easy way to share documents and collaborate.
Jahia Wise brings this common need of sharing and managing documents in organizations to the next level with additional features:

  • Document sharing features coming with versioning, lock-in /lock-out, permissions, mass import, drag & drop import, gallery display etc.
  • Social and collaboration features required by today’s projects: comments, task assignation, auto-tagging, collections, validation workflow, discussions, vote, wiki, blogs, notifications etc.
  • Web content clipping / information sourcing capabilities: project teams can now centralize any type of data, and avoid uncontrolled information silos.
  • Integration of emails as an easy and natural way of feeding-in information to the projects’ document spaces. This integration also allows the synchronization of email discussions with the collaborative work carried out in Jahia Wise.